Friday, May 25, 2012

The Next Food Trend?

In Stockholm on Wednesday me and my friends also went to eat to Hermitage, a complete vegetarian restaurant with an awesome buffet.

This is what lonely planet says about the place:

All hail herbivorous Hermitage, famed for its cosy laid-back vibe and soulful veggie fare. Everyone from Stockholm students to frazzled tourists comes here for global flavours like spicy Moroccan stews and creamy cottage cheese pancakes. Indecisive types can opt for a bit of everything, served high and mighty on a gut-filling plate.

One of the friend's who told me about Hermitage, sent me a link (in Finnish) today about the possible next food trend, called something like "flexitarism". Flexitarism would be to eat mostly vegetarian but still eat meat as well, to be pro-vegetables but not anti-meat they describe it in the article. My friend's comment was like "this is what you've been doing already for long!" and I guess it's true, I still eat meat occasionally but I try to follow the four steps of this diet.

1. Reduce meat
As my boyfriend still eat meat I might have half a piece of chicken if he cooks, but not as much as I used to have, also if we are invited to dinner I will not leave my plate if it has meat on it.
2. Exchange
Instead of putting ham on the sandwich for example, try hummus, avocado, tomatoes with basilica etc. Additionally, exchange diary for other alternatives when you can. I keep learning about things you can exchange, like when baking you can add banana instead of egg etc.
3. Concentrate
Keep at least one day a week meat-free or focus your meat eating on weekends for example. I should perhaps keep better track on when I eat meat, but instead I focus on trying to eat vegetarian as much as possible and I hope the vegeterian part will weight more in the end.
4. Replace
Instead of minced meat try an vegetarian alternative like soy for example. I keep learning about the replacements as well. For someone new to this whole vegetarian thing it's not so easy always to find the alternatives in the store and to know how exactly they should be cooked (to taste well). The only meat replacement I liked to so far was quorn when cooked by myself, so I have to keep learning I think.

My motivations for reducing my meat eating is because I don't like the way the animals are treated in industrial meat production and it's not environmentally friendly. For the amount of people we are on the planet there is no environmentally sound way to have meat for all and in a way where the animals would be treated well. I also try to avoid fish and seafood as I don't think the fishing ways are sustainable neither.

If my reduced meat eating will lead to a complete vegetarian diet I don't know yet as my goal for the moment is just to learn more about vegetarian/vegan cooking and eating as well as the nutrition part, but this could definitely be an easy way to soften the change if you are thinking about discarding meat.


  1. Jag är SÅ på samma "väg" och i samma situation som du är. Fisk hamnar dock oftare på min tallrik än vad jag tror att den hamnar på din... men du har så rätt angående hållbart fiske.

    1. Roligt att någon annan resonerar lika! :-) Fisk är säkert ok bara man kollar lite vad för fisk man äter, jag har aldrig varit väldigt förtjust i fisk så det är inget svårt val att välja bort den, men har därför inte eller så jätte bra koll på vilken fisk som fiskas mer hållbart.

  2. Va underbart att det finns ett ord för det här "halv-vege" ätandet :D Jag käkar ungefär som du (kanske aningen mer kött när jag de senaste veckorna bott hemma och på Åland hos mina bröder; äter alltså det som serveras =P)
    Jag äter dock ganska mycket fisk, men försöker bara köpa MSC märkt firre. Plus att jag printat ut WWF:s fiskguide som jag har med mig i plånboken om jag blir osäker. :)
    Hittade just hit till din blogg, stortrivdes direkt! :D

    1. Hejsan! Har läst din blogg en tid så det är roligt att höra att du trivs här med :-)

      Jag har på känn att det blir mera kött för mig nu med när vi åker hem till Finland, jag brukar också äta det som det bjuds på. Vad duktig du är som har med dig fiskguiden i plånboken!