Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Transition Culture

I usually participate in the "Change the World Wednesday" challenges by Reduce Footprints only on twitter but as the challenge this week is to share a Tedx talk by Rob Hopkins, what better way to share it than here?

Rob talks about a transition project in his home town, a project on how to get the community involved. I wish to be part of a project like that one day! The main ideas is to save energy and our environmental footprint by supporting the local business and at the same time create a better community feeling, which is what the people involved valued higher than anything else.

Some of the ideas he is talking about touches a little bit the same topics as the ideas under the term Collaborative Consumption. He talks about sharing gardens for example, just yesterday I found this webpage offering activities and services you can share, and they have a different section for sharing your garden! Let's see if these sort of ideas grow bigger and bigger!


  1. Wow ... thanks so much for sharing the Uniiverse site! I love the gardening section ... and the whole idea of making one's garden available to others.

    1. I like the idea too, so convenient and such a great way to create community feeling!