Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yoga Challenge Day 7

This time I did evening yoga again as I've been in Stockholm during the day at the Eco Hairdresser (which I will tell you more about tomorrow).

I followed the same ruotine as yesterday; Ashtanga yoga and I couldn't be bothered with the DVD. I might have missed some position but all in all it just felt nice and I can see why it would be good to do yoga more often. One focuses better on the breathing and concentrate much better. For the first time during the week I also felt that my mind "lighter" after the yoga pass. I hope to do the next pass soon but I'm also excited about doing some other sports for a few days.

To reward myself for the good work and inspire me to continue I picked up a yoga magazine in Stockholm on the way home. Let's hope it's a good read!


  1. Hehe, jag förstår vad du menar. Jag ser också fram emot att bege mig ut på länk eller på en cykeltur. Jess, vad bra att vi fixade det!

    1. det blir cykeltur för mig idag, bara det inte börjar regna:-) Ha det kul i Danmark!