Thursday, June 14, 2012

Go Green Get Fit Challenge

This seems to be a cool challenge for the summer, Go Green Get Fit. On Monday 18th June, 25+ Green Bloggers will launch a 12-week health and wellness series and share their ups and downs during the challenge. I will follow up on the challenge on Lori's blog, and Go Green Get Fit's facebook and twitter. I hope I will have time to do sport during July and August as well. This month I'm on holiday and I've joined a Crossfit course, I'm halfway trough the beginners course now and I've actually quite enjoyed it. It's nice to notice I manage to do exercises I thought I couldn't and my prejudgement that the course would be full of weight-lifters was completely wrong.

As I'm home in Finland for the vacation I was happy to see that there is a small festival in the village tomorrow focusing on "homemade" things and local food. I hope I will have time to go and take a look!

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