Thursday, June 7, 2012


I recently wrote about the transition culture TedX talk by Rob Hopkins, if you are interested in getting involved in a similar project or learning more you can check out the tranisition network's webpage, called REconomy.

Someone who really stepped out our economical system is Daniel Suelo, who quit money altogheter. I learned about him today reading an interesting interview with him here. I am not sure quitting money is the best solution but I think ideas like the REconomy project are pushing us in the right direction. I do recommend you to read the interview though, very wise and interesting thoughts.

We're also approching Rio+ 20 and UNDP realized a video a few days ago with the theme "The Future We Want" for the conference. To accomplish all that the video entails, we're gonna need ideas like Hopkins and Suelos. Ideas that inspire us to live more sustainable by having more with less.

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