Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anyone thought it was hot today?

I heard some complaints about the hotness (from Finland, here is Uppsala it's raining) and we're in the Nordics! Count +6 degrees by 2100...

I know it's depressing but what to do about it? Sometimes I feel I do absolutely nothing right myself even if I try to think about the choices I make. It also feels like life is on hold even if my studies proceed, because nothing is really sure of where we will settle after that, if we will ever settle completely, so it's difficult to make long-term plans.

And the question of kids now when we're married, how to avoid it or answer it politely? How do parents deal with the information that there might be no bright and beautiful future? Do they ignore it?

I had quite a upsetting discussion with a friend about adoption during the holidays. It's a shame that the first reactions you get if you mention adoption is almost always negative. "It's so difficult" for example. This friend of mine was completely against it because in her opinion adopted children always have psychological problems (since they are not with their biological parents). I thought it was quite a narrow minded statement. I have a bunch of friends with  problems even if they are not adopted. Additionally, there's probably a lot of children out there whose biological parents are not alive, so being adopted they should be better off than at a orphanage, right?

I'm not saying I will adopt but I could consider it. In any case I think the discussion about adoption should be a bit more open. I know that probably all mothers will say that there's nothing like your own child but being over 7 billion people on the planet is not exactly gonna slow down the climate change.

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