Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The First Steps in the Wedding Planning

On request I'm gonna write about the wedding and the planning of it. It was not a super green wedding already from the fact that my husband is half French and half Spanish so about half of our guests flew over to Finland for the day.  Our last guest, the bestman, left only today so that's why I haven't had time to update until now. However, there's perhaps some details and tips I can write about that you might find useful if you are planning a wedding on your own and I can tell you how we managed with the multicultural part of it.

We started planning already over a year in advance as we knew that it would be a challenge to organize such a multi-cultural event as our wedding. I remember that one of the first thing one of my bridesmaid said when I told her we're getting married was that once you've booked a church and a party place a big chunk of your worries are already dealt with. So we head out looking for different places. During that time we were still living in Helsinki so we decided to start looking around that area for a church and a place for the reception.

It turned out to be quite difficult to find a church for a summer wedding in Helsinki as there is a long waiting list. Also there was some trouble because we don't belong to the same church (Stefan is supposed to be Catholic and me Lutheran). However, in the end we got a time for a church but it was in the island Suomenlinna outside Helsinki and by that time all the places over there for having a reception were booked, so we declined it (even though Suomenlinna could have been cool for a wedding).

Along the same time we finally found the place that felt to us like the perfect wedding place. It was a restaurant which was not exactly what we had planned (we originally wanted to fix everything ourselves) but by then we also knew that I had gotten into studying in Sweden, so we still decided to have the reception in a restaurant in Finland because it would be easier than to plan for food and everything from scratch when we would be based in Uppsala. We also got a timesloth for the nearest church but we felt it was too late in the afternoon so after all the ups and downs we decided to go for a civil ceremony at the restaurant. From then on we kept our fingers crossed for nice weather as a wedding ceremony beside the river close to the restaurant seemed a lovely plan.

Here is a link to the restaurant and photos of the place. It had the perfect rustic feeling that I wanted. The ideas for the theme I got from this site, and we decided to go for a dark red theme as in this wedding.

Other sites I've visited for inspiration are Green Wedding Shoes and Ethical Weddings. I think these three sites were important for me to hang around on to see that we can do a wedding the way we want and not the way it is expected! And it turned out fantastically well!

On this Swedish site I bought quite a lot of second-hand stuff for the wedding (some of them turned out to be first hand anyway), will show you some of the details in the posts to come! and their Facebook site can also be cool for eco wedding inpiration if you're Swedish-speaking!


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