Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Wedding Invitations

My husband got a great idea when we were in agony over all the languages the invitations would be needed to be translated in. Why don't we use only pictures? As none of us has any skills for design or painting we asked a friend to help. He did a great job and he even printed them for us! A lot of the guests later told us they had liked the invitations a lot.

Do ask your friends to help you in with different things as it makes them feel part of the wedding and they are usually more than happy to help you out. 

We asked people that if they wanted to bring us a gift to rather give us some money as we have most things we need. The idea would be to use the money we recieved to go for the honeymoon. We'd like to go to Africa to spend a week or two vonunteering and after a week by ourselves but we'll have to see, I start my summer job next Monday and then I'll be back to studying for a while so it might be we have to wait for a while or do a shorter trip (which is obviously more enviornmentally friendly if we can avoid flying).

We just included our bank account details in the invitations but I saw that there is possibilites to use for examle the deposit a gift webpage for money gifts.

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