Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Update

Today I want to send you over to the So Stainable blog to listen to Joel Salatin's talk on our disconnect with food.

And as it's a rainy day in Sweden again I wanted to remind you that a warmer climate brings more rainfalls (link in Swedish).

I myself have some sort of allergic reaction going on so I'm going back to trying not scratch the rashes.....not doing completely well on that. I have no idea from what the reaction has come so far. Can it be that since I've switched to eco-friendly products myself I've become super sensitive towards conventional products? Or is it something I've eaten? Or can it be something at the workplace? Let's hope it gets better soon at least!


  1. Oh No ... that looks so uncomfortable. They kind of look like bites of some sort. I have allergies and when I've had a spontaneous breakout, I head for antihistamines ... both internally (something like Benadryl) and externally via an anti-itch cream. That often helps. I hope your "break-out" clears up soon!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'm so glad they didn't turn up on the wedding day!