Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade Nutella!

Finally we got around to do some homemade nutella! We stopped buying it since we learned that it contains palm oil (palm oil plantations are contributing to deforestation of rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia). This time we tried this recipe from a French guy who is trying to live without Palm Oil. Luckily my husband is half-French, otherwise I'm not sure I would have interpreted the whole thing correctly!

You need a bit of water (50 g according to the recipe, I just put a bit tough cause we don't have a scale) and 100 grams of sugar, we used muscovado sugar, put these together in the microwave for a bit until the sugar melts.

Then mix the following in a bowl and add the water and sugar:

25 grams of milk powder
60 grams of cacao powder
95 grams of hazelnut powder ( we mixed our own with a food processor)
100 grams agave syrup

In the original recipe he still adds normal syrup as well but as far as I can remember we didn't add any extra syrup, I think we added a bit if honey tough.

Mixing the nuts to powder:

When everything is mixed well you can adjust the nut/chocolate amount to a taste that suits you. Ours tasted quite a bit of hazelnuts but in the end Stefan decided that's fine (he's the one who's gonna eat it anyway).

We put everything in an old honey-jar, it was just a tiny bit much for the jar-size but we dipped some banana in the rest and ate it (yammi!). Now the rest is just waiting in the jar for some pancakes!

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