Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Importance of Less Stress

I've been a bit too busy the last weeks and once I lack behind in one thing it's easy to fall behind in other things as well so, unfortunately, the blog has been suffering a bit.

I've also noticed how difficult it is to be environmentally friendly when you are in a hurry. I can honestly say that now when I've been working full time again during summer, if there's been anything that has disturbed the routine it's straight away more difficult to stick to my environmental goals. I've been buying too much food sometimes because I haven't gotten the time to plan it as usual, I've missed the bus so I've taken the car and a couple of times when I've been home late we've grabbed pizza which is so not what I would like to do thinking about the environment and my own health.

Well , luckily, it's soon back to school for me but this certainly made me think of the difficulties we're facing when it comes to making every citizen live as environmentally friendly as possible. Most people are too occupied with their everyday things to take on an extra challenge. Perhaps stepping out of the hamster wheel would, at least for some, open their eyes to the challenges around us and give them time to think about their choices.

Unfortunately, we are constantly served solutions that are easy but not so eco-friendly, like the paper-cups for coffee at work. In the cupboard there is a dozen normal cups but not so many are actually using them, instead they take a new paper cup every time they take coffee. I get so tired, but I'm not the sort of person to nag at people.

However, maybe it's time to start. It probably didn't pass any of you that it was Earth Overshoot Day during the week? So now we are living on debt to the Earth for this year and unfortunately this happened earlier than last year, when it was 27th September (more than a month later)!

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