Thursday, August 9, 2012

When a Global Crisis becomes a Local One

While there has been a lot of talk about the rising food prices because of the drought in US it seems there has been the opposite problem home in Finland: too much rainfall have destroyed this years crops. This has resulted in that a lot of farmers, especially meat producers, that wants to quit completely because they cannot handle the rising prices of the cattle feed. Unfortunately, the rising prices of food does not usually gain the farmers but the retailers. Now, Juha Marttila, the president of the central union of agricultural producers and forest owners (MTK), is trying to gather the parliament for a crisis meeting as it would be important to have some food produced nationally as well.

Interesting! Even if it's all tragic I'm a tiny bit happy that this forced people to think a bit longer that their noses are long, because it might just affect themselves.

If global warming will bring more years like this it would indeed be good to secure that some local food is produced, it's very likely that nations will try to secure that their own people have food before they start exporting, like Russia who announced export bans in 2008. Additionally, when we will reach peak oil, transporting food will not be as easy as before and you might just be a bit more lucky if you can provide the food from nearby.

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