Saturday, September 1, 2012


Look how nice flowers I got from my summerjob yesterday as it was my last day.

So what have I been doing all summer? I've been doing some administrative work related to the EU chemical law REACH for a company in the medical industry. Nor chemicals nor law is my area but as it was administrative work it was not a problem. It was interesting to work for a health and environmental team in a company and I did learn a bit more about chemicals which might be useful one day.

The REACH law does create quite a lot of administrative work for companies but in general I think it's good that it regulates and hopefully little by little forbid chemicals that are dangerous. From a company point of view it's good that the law is inforced in steps so that they have time to substitute the chemicals that will be forbidden before they are. On ECHA's (European Chemical Agency) website you can find more information on REACH.

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