Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Green Juices

My new favorite place to go before class is MoeJoe's Juicebar in Uppsala. Their juices are awesome and gives me just the energi I need for my evening lessons. The rest of their menu I haven't tried and I'm not too convinced about it, but the juices are just perfect! A big minus though as they always serve them in plastic cups even if you don't take them to go, neither am I sure that the fruit is organic but at least it's real fruit.

I've been thinking for long though that I should learn to make my own "green" juices for breakfast but I never seem to have the ingredients at home and it feels more difficult to start experiencing with mixing carrots and stuff than with smoothies. I'm an expert in doing smoothies but I always follow the same base recipe of milk, yoghurt, banana and then I add whichever berries or fruit we have at home. It's easy and safe (it always turn out drinkable).

So help me out here. What is a good "base" for a green juice, ingredients always to have at home and which recipe is your favorite one for a green juice?

Maggie shared one of her recipes (in Swedish) some time ago, it's still on my to-do list to try it!

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