Saturday, September 1, 2012

On Food Waste

Maggie posted yesterday a post (in Swedish) about how much food we are throwing away in the world, which is up to 30-50%! The food waste is created all along the supply chain but it's a fact that a lot is thrown also in the households.

It's about a year ago I wrote the Don't Throw Away Food! post and I think in our little family we have succeeded in lessening the food waste a lot during the year. I'm super proud of that and I've learned that when you think that you have nothing to cook with it's almost always not true. I've also come to enjoy experimenting with cooking new things from left-overs and from what can be found in the cupboards.

What works for us:

-planning 4-5 days meals and shop for that. A whole week ahead is a bit too much for us and I've realized that usually when I plan four days ahead the food lasts sometimes the whole week anyway because we eat left-overs for lunch or unexpectedly eat out one night or similar. On the weekend we have also more time to check what is left from the week and cook with that and if we need the odd thing from the shop we can do the next weeks shopping at the same time

-Remember that recipes don't need to be followed as described. Almost everything can be replaced (try google if you want advice on what to replace an ingredient with)!

-Best Before dates are also just a suggestion, most things can be eaten after that date. Try smelling and tasting before throwing stuff out!

-Don't be afraid to buy things that are almost out of date in the store. Try to use that for eating the same day or freeze it for few days. Whatever the shop doesn't sell of those products will be thrown out. Here some pics with "red note" products from a grocery store in Finland this summer. I got a bit overwhelmed by the whole aisle full of those (on the pics there only few),  but my friend who've worked in a store convinced me that people do buy it by the end of the day. I sure hope so!

-I have to also admit that our dog helps with some scraps whenever it is things he can eat. Meat is of course good dog food but also broccoli and carrot is things that are OK for dogs. Avoid for example onions and especially chocolate! Don't give too much and mixing it with the dog food is a good idea and lessen the amount of dog food accordingly.

-Last but not least, the food you throw away, compost it or throw it in the bin for food waste. (I think in Uppsala food waste is used as biofuel in buses).

Here is some good links for more ideas and recipes:

Love Food Hate Waste
Släng Inte Maten (Swedish site)
Släng Inte Maten no 2 (also Swedish)

I'll be back soon with a post on local food as well related to this weeks #CTWW challenge.


  1. Yey! Thanks for the tips! Our biggest problem is planning. We are useless at it... But it's never too late to change. Great links btw.

    1. Welcome & thanks for the inspiration! :) I have to admit that the planning takes time but then again I like trying out new recipies so I put probably more effort into it than is needed.

  2. Bra tips och bra ämne att ta upp! :) Jag försöker köpa rödmärkta varor och frysa in (både billigt och så undviker man att butiken slänger bort de =P) Blir alltid så lessen när jag far och hjälper min mamma städa matbutikerna och ser all mat som slängs bort i stora containrar :(
    Den här sidan tipsade min bror mig om häromveckan:

    1. Ja usch med mängden mat som slängs, man får hoppas att vi kommer på något bra sätt att ta tillvara på maten i framtiden. Och vilken kul sida, synd att man inte är singel! :D