Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As I wrote before I'm taking a course at CEMUS this autumn. CEMUS is a student initiative in Uppsala University that is concentrating on courses about sustainability issues. I can't stress enough how inspiring and good my course in Global Economy has been so far at this department. It is so refreshing to have different professors every time and students from all departments in the same room and I hope all CEMUS courses are just as inspiring.

Unfortunately the faculty which CEMUS is under has decided to cut the budget with 5% all in all, but the CEMUS department's budget is cut with a whole of 35%. That's not fair! Some of my course mates that are in taking the whole master in sustainable development at this department are working hard to change the mind of the decision makers.

Please help them by signing the petition here and please spread the word!

Pic taken on my way to the course last week.