Friday, September 7, 2012

Wedding Presents

Irene wrote in her Simple Living blog (in Swedish) about a couple of alternative ideas for wedding presents, like asking the guests to give money to charity instead of brining material gifts. A great idea she mentioned she had read in the Ikea Family magazine was about a pair who had asked the guests to bring their favorite book as a present. I wish I had read about this idea before our wedding! Both me and Stefan enjoy books (even if I don't read as much as I would like to) and it's quite a nice idea to have books that remind you of your friends and family.

However, perhaps it was better that we didn't ask for more books as our book shelf is already full. Theres defenitely a lot of books just waiting to be read or giving away to the next reader.

I think I already mentioned that we had asked for money for our honeymoon from our guests, which is also an idea but I thought I'd share with you a surprise gift that we got from my parents that all wedding guests enjoyed. It was a song-gift, a song made especially for us by a Tom Nyman, the "song-messenger". It was cool on many levels, a non-material gift, a very personal gift, a gift that all guests enjoyed and he had made the effort to make the text both in Swedish, English, Spanish and French so all the guests understood at least part of it. This should be a link to the text of our song-gift.

Thanks still once more to my parents for this one!

Tom Nyman presenting the gift. Picture by our photographer John Grönvall.

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