Sunday, October 14, 2012

Change Through Cooperation

So today is finally Blog Action Day! As I participated in a TedX event last week I decided to hold on to it a bit longer and post about it today as Blog Action Day's theme is "The Power of We" and the TedxHornstull event theme was "Change Through Cooperation". 

The TedX event consisted of both live speakers and a couple of recorded TED event talks. If I remember correct the host presented the TedX event with the words  that we create social transformations through cooperation and not through business plans.

Rebecka Carlsson, Spokesperson for Young Greens in Sweden, started off as the first speaker and spoke very passionately about how we create amazing change when we give up our selfish goals and work towards a goal together. This became very clear to her when she was in Egypt during the Arabic revolution. Even if she was not there for that reason just being on the Tahir-square, feeling the engagement and fighting spirit from the people around her, gave her courage to do things she would normally not and she helped report back to Sweden on what was going on there. Her lesson from this event was that we do not always have to know what to do when trying to change something. In the revolution everybody was incredible supportive of each other and let everyone try and fail and it was so encouraging when you knew you'd be loved no matter how many times you would fail, the important thing was that you tried. Some of Rebecka's last words was "you can try a 1000 times without knowing how to start".  A great blog (in Swedish)  that unfortunately is not updated very much any longer on the Egyptian revolution can be found here (go back in the posts to come to the Egyptian posts).

Lars Wilderäng, who writes the interesting blog Cornucopia? (in Swedish) was the next speaker. His message was that the state is not a solution, it is the problem in today's society. He gave some examples of cooperatives that have emerged when the state no longer manage to provide the service, like parental cooperatives for children's day care and school. He also pointed out that there is a tendency at the moment for communities to take back the responsibility of infrastructure from private companies as they have noticed that it becomes both cheaper and the quality is much better when they do it themselves. He wrote a post about that in his blog here.

Next we watched the Ted speech  from Roy Bunker about Barefoot collage in India, which you can find on youtube here.

After this we listened to Anna Nygård on the project This project is working for a free public transport. They arguing that public transport is a public service and therefore it should be free for everybody. At the moment it is about 5-10% of the people who are travelling with public transport that cannot afford to do so and therefore has to cheat. The state present it as you have a choice to take another mean of transport if you cannot afford it but this might not always be the case. Therefore nobody should pay for the public transport so that the power structures in society wold change.

Per Ribbing spoke about cooperatives for renewable energy and how it is cheaper than the energy you pay to normal energy companies and it is obviously good for both the planet and for us.

Nafeez Ahmed was the last live speaker in this event and very inspirational one. He has written the book called A user's guide to the crisis of civilization: and how to save it.

The very last speech we saw was again a TED one on how to make a movement. This one should be obligatory to watch for everybody, very uplifting and funny!

Have a great Blog Action Day! I hope to read a lot of inspirational blogs during the day, you can see the list of participants here and a live feed here.

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