Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inside Job

Yesterday we watched the movie Inside Job in class. I think it is a good movie if you want to understand what exactly happened that led to and created the financial crash in 2008. I wouldn't had minded though watching it with subtitles since sometimes I had problems catching all the words. I was a bit tired I think, we've been for a short visit to Finland for a long weekend. Back to the the movie. It is cut in quite short and fast sequences but it's surely entertaining. There was some discussion in class afterwards if the movie-makers are a bit partial in how they are portraying different people and organizations, but I guess everyone can make their own judgement. In any case it seems is the same people that are still in charge and responsible of the financial system in USA, so has anything really changed?

Here is a shorter movie describing the crises of credit, the same thing is also more or less taken up in the Inside Job movie.

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