Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wine and Movie

Yesterday we had some of the best Eco Wine's I've tasted and we watched the feelgood movie "The Blind Side". I do recommend it if you haven't seen it yet!

The wine

The trailer

Talking about wine, Heidi wrote a very nice post (in Swedish) about the most sustainable way to drink wine. Here's a few good points she made.

- Eco Wine should have less toxins in it as no pesticides are used on the grapes
- How far has your wine travelled? Can you prioritize local wines with shorter transport routes?
- How is it packed? According to the study she refers to the most sustainable option is tetrapak, that can be recycled. Glass is less sustainable as it weighs more during transport and it takes more energy to recycle glass.

We have usually bought eco wines in cardboard boxes, because wine is only sold in the liquor store in Sweden and there is not so many of them, so it's been convenient to buy a big box and it last for long as we don't drink that often. However,  I guess it's not a super sustainable option as the wine is packed in plastic inside the box. Last time in the liquor store I saw something interesting though, a wine that claimed to be CO2 neutral. It was packed in plastic though, next time I need to write down the name and google it to find out some more about this! Also there are a lot of wines that are not eco but FairTrade. I guess here you can choose what you prioritize most, your own health or a better salary/conditions for the producer.

Any thoughts on your own on wine? I wrote about the wine corks vs the plastic corks also before.

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