Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carbon Tax or Cap-and-Trade?

This is an interesting subject, if carbon tax or a carbon cap and trade system is the best way to achieve less fossil fuel use. It seems Annie Leonard from Story of Stuff is at least against a cap and trade system.

Also Matt McDermot from Treehugger just recently argued for a tax instead of a cap and trade system. I think the most comprehensible article I have read on the subject so far it the
carbon tax vs. emission trading article on the Global Policy Forum website. They have some arguments for both and explain why different countries are in favour of different systems. This is an interesting point they make;

"Which is Better? There is no simple yes or no answer, and the policies are not necessarily mutually exclusive."

I'm kind of thinking if it is possible to have both in place at ones....the more the better right?

Australia put in place a carbon tax this summer as well as issued their first carbon emission permits in October. The tax is only applicable to the 300 largest polluting companies though and not on households. In general, Australia is a country of controversies when it comes to energy as a large part of their economy is based on exporting coal to, for example, China, so even if they will lower their own emissions they are much dependent on their exports of coal. It is also a country that, I would imagine, have huge possibilities to implement renewable energies as they have sun, wind and water available so close to their cities, yet there is very little of it so far. It will be interesting to see what happens when it comes to energy there in the next few years. Read more on the issue here.

Here is the campaign video for the law that was passed, Say Yes Australia!;

In the meantime I have downloaded the book "Carbon Trading" from WhatNext forum and will read it as soon as I have some time to spare (which will probably be next year as it seems right now).

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