Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Children's Rights Day

Our dog's half-sister's owner (yes, we very much know who owns which dog of our dog-family tree) put this video on Facebook for Children's Rights Day, which is apparently today. Yesterday was also International Men's Day but it seems none of these days get very much attention... In any case, the music video is from a Finnish band and I'm afraid a lot of Finnish bands do metal music, so also Sonata Arctica, which is the band playing here. However, I think it's nice that they have wrote a song on such a subject and even if this is not usually my type of music this one is not too bad. The song-writer in Sonata Arctica, Tony Kaakko writes this about the song;

To put it short it's a song about how we should not pass the burden we get from the past generation on the shoulders of our future offspring. Children's rights subject. Not the most metal subject ever, I suppose, but then again I think it fits our band well and is pretty universal. Funny to actually have fans from each age group this songs speaks about. Let's see what comes of it.

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