Thursday, November 1, 2012

CO2 Neutral Wine

Remember the post about how glass wine bottles are less sustainable as they weight more than tetrapak-packed wine during transport? Well, my husband found a wine packed in a "lighter weight bottle". They also claim they are CO2 neutral, which usually means they have compensated for the carbon emissions emitted during the process of making the wine. The wine itself was from Chile, so it has travelled quite a bit too until it reached us so it must have produced quite a bit of CO2 during transport even it is was in a lighter bottle. As far as I know the wine was not organic either but as you can see there is always ways to market yourself as green anyway. Is it greenwash? I think it depends a little bit on how clear a company is in their claims, and how easy it is to obtain information on what exactly CO2 neutral means in this case.

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