Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Herb Colouring

Third time now I do herb colouring of my hair at home, I used Santé's nutbrown colour again and finally I tried the trick of adding red wine and I did like the result!

I wish my hair had a nicer natural colour so I wouldn't have to bother at all (not that I have to but I just can't stand the dull colour of my own hair) and I really don't wanna put any chemicals in my hair ever again.

Before, a bit less than three months since I coloured it last time:


I really liked the colour after last time's colouring, this time it's not as intense, or perhaps it's only the light reflecting in the picture, I can't really tell myself. Here's another pic a bit more from the side, the light still reflects quite a lot of light though.

Perhaps I have to try to mix the herbs with tea again next time. For sure adding some wine or tea both created better results than just adding hot water.

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