Monday, November 19, 2012

Local and local

I am always a little uncomfortable when people lobby for eating local, (Swedish), meat. Karin (blog in Swedish) just reminded me why; most local cattle are fed soy, from Brazil, which is not very local. To make sure you get meat not fed on soy from Brazil, buy organic, however, as always, best to go vegan or vegetarian.

I recently started thinking though that where does the beans I like come from? How local are they? Not very I assume, and unfortunately, the local green beans are the beans I like least, my favourite is chickpeas and kidney beans. Vera (another blog in Swedish) wrote about using the more climate friendly yellow pea instead of lenses and chickpeas and indeed, the lense stew with yellow peas was very good and the yellow pea tasted much like the chickpea.

I forgot to take a pic of the food but here is a pic of the spices instead, the stew was enjoyed with some Naan bread, which was quick and easy to make.

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