Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prosperity Without Growth

One of our coursebooks at the moment is Tim Jackson's Prosperity Without Growth. I was happy to see it was gonna be our coursebook as I bought the book about a week before I knew about it. So it was very nice to get to read it for a course as I would have read it sooner or later anyway. I liked the book and I can only regret the fact that it wasn't sooner that I read it. This is surely not a book that only economists can read, if you are interested in how a different economy could look like do read it! Even though there probably are quite a few economists who should read it.

Here's a Ted talk by Tim, I like the part where he says:

We spend money we don't have, 
On things we don't need, 
To create impressions that won't last, 
On people we don't care about

I also agree with the "giraffe" idea, the fact that most of us are too busy just getting on with the daily activities, (the squirrel wheel if you like) to think about adapting to another type of lifestyle. However, there is room for all of us to live both happier and better if we would make an effort to change the system based on growth. In any case, listen to his talk yourself:

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