Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking Back at the Eco goals 2013

I wrote about my Eco Goals for 2013 in January. I thought I'd go back and check how it has gone.

  • My first goal was to finish my master thesis by spring.

    It's done and I have graduated. Yey!  My thesis was about responsible sourcing of cotton, if you feel like reading it, drop me an e-mail.-
  • My second goal was to try and get a job related to my studies once I'm graduated.
    That has gone so-so. In July I did some volunteer work at Villa Mandala, which was nice but at some point we needed to also fill-up the gap in our finances so in August-September I did gigs in High Schools about Climate Change through Nuorten Akatemia. That was fun, but when I was offered a full-time job I felt I had to take it. So now I work with administrative tasks in an organization related to migration. I think I can say that my goal is full-filled, however, I am still eager to try out other things as well and now I am working with something more related to human rights, not environment as such (even though climate change events like storms, floods, droughts and rising sea level might affect migration).

  • and the third goal was to start our own garden project when and if we move back to Finland
    Yes, since we came back we have worked on the garden a bit but a garden is a never ending project. Here I wrote about some things we planted in summer.
I'm gonna have to have a real good thought about what my goals for next year should be and where I want to head, proffessionally and personally. Drop me ideas or tell me about your goals!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hope you all have time to enjoy and relax for a few days! (Here is not really snow this year so no white Christmas I think, this picture is from a couple of years ago).

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Copenhagen Wheel

The biking related innovators seems to be on fire, I just recently posted the video about the innovative bike helmet. Here is the innovative bike wheel.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I recently read the Winter of Our Disconnect by . It tells the story of her family and how they lived without any gadget for a year and it was indeed an interesting read. I also realize I spend way too much time on the computer (work+school+spare time) and when I am not on the computer there is also the phone with all its apps and a breakfrom all of this would for sure be tempting. A proper break, but could I do it for a year? I suppose I could, but at first it would be quite difficult, I am sure. I try in case not to use my phone in social occasions because I know I dislike when someone is checking their phone during dinner, coffee or conversation.

How about you, are you good at disconnecting?

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ELLS conference video

I wrote some time ago about the ELLS conference that i attended. Now the University have put togheter a short video from the conference.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yoga and Sörnäinen district

I have been doing mostly ashtanga yoga before, but lately I've been curious to try something else as I'm not so motivated to do ashtanga anymore. So I signed up for Yin Yoga and Flow Yoga on Thursday nights in Etnofitness. I had my first classes today and it was actually really good for me! Especially the Yin yoga. In this type of yoga you stay reaaaally long in one position but it's exactly what I need and I don't have the patience to do that at home. Flow yoga was more like ashtanga but as this was a beginner class we took it quite easy. I am in any case looking forward to go back next week! (only minus was that the music from the dance-class beside ours was interrupting our zen a bit).

At the moment I am temporarily living in the Sörnäinen district in Helsinki because of work. Hopefully soon I will know more about my future, if I will stay here for work or what will happen. In any case, most of the time I miss being on the countryside, but the advantage of being in the city is the availability of for example yoga classes and such.

I don't know how to describe Sörnäinen district in Helsinki, it has a little bit of a dodgy reputation and there is for sure weirdos (drunks) hanging around the metrostation at times but they don't bother you if you ignore them. However, there is also some cool things and especially food places popping up. Etnofitness has already been here for a while now, I used to go there also years ago when we lived in Helsinki but new things I've seen are for example the Soi Soi vegetarian restaurant (perhaps it's been around for long but I haven't spotted it), Fafa's (really good falafel, also available in other places in Helsinki), Moko café (lov-ely place), café Sävy (for coffee and tea drinkers) and Street Gastro (sandwiches). So I don't think I will at least go hungry living here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sustainability Student Conference in Vienna

The last days I have spent in Vienna, Austria in ELLS student conference about sustainability. I was fortunate to get a grant to go there and present my thesis on responsible sourcing.

We were also invited to go on a tour of our choice in Vienna and I chose to go to tour number 2:

Tour 2: Environmental Protection Agency + City Tour
Their aim is to communicate that human actions should be based on deep respect for nature in all of its kind. In order to sustain and restore environmental health, humanly produced damages need to be avoided. The municipal department 22 works to improve the quality of the local environment as well as the general quality of life in Vienna. The department focus lies on supporting related research and cooperating with other departments as well as interest groups.

The head of the department spoke to us about how the city of Vienna is doing to buy Eco and responsible products by also also considering social and environmental criteria through public procurement . Vienna seems to be working quite a lot with this and they also try to keep city services public as the risk of privatization is that private companies will go for the cheapest option (which is not always the best for public health and environment). Vienna also has a program that business can join and they advice the business on sustainability. You can read more on their website but unfortunately it is only in German.

I also enjoyed two of the keynote speeches during the conference by DI. Dr.Franz Fischler and Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. Helga Kromp-Kolb. Fischler speech was "On the Road towards a Smart, Inclusive and Green Future." His last slide was about sustainable agriculture, as most students came from agricultural universities, and he highlighted how important it is that we manage to have a sustainable food production chain by for example reducing waste and closing the natural cycles.

Kromp-Kolb spoke about "Climate Change: Can Technology Solve the Problem?" The answer to Kromp-Kolb's question was not a clear yes or no, but it was pretty clear that technology can not save us alone, we need to have many solutions and most of all we need to enhance resilience so we can manage the future challenges.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Addictive Daughter

I have a weak spot for poetry, found this fine, soft video from AddictiveDaughter on Dragana Babic's blog. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Environment and Work-Reflections

As I mentioned in the previous blogposts, I had the opportunity to attend the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) 2013 Conference on Environment and Work in Stockholm and I'm still trying to chew all the impressions from the different speakers and debates.  Personally, I was  more optimistic about the equation the environment + work = 2 problems = one solution during the morning part of the conference than towards the end. Why? Perhaps because in the end I had the feeling that we do know what is needed, but that it is not realistic to expect much change soon because the politicians are waiting for the public opinion to clearly demand changes before they take any initiative and it seems their perception is that the majority of the voters don't want change.

PM Nilsson, political editor at DI,  said in the last debate "Forget about transition happening within 10 to 20 years". But can we wait that long?

On a positive note there were solutions presented during the conference and the ones that caught my attention most (perhaps because I studied environmental economics) were ideas about taxing carbon:

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's (SSNC) chairman, Mikael Karlsson, was pointing out that GDP is not a good measurement for development and that we should not consider this indicator so much. Wat is important is to move away from a fossil fuel economy by increasing the tax on fossil fuels like OECD has suggested. This way we could stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship and have the environmental benefits from lower carbon emissions.

Also, one of my favorite speakers was Staffan Laestadius, professor in Industrial Development at KTH, (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) and he was also referring to tax solutions:
  1. Green VAT: benefit green
  2. Black VAT: punish the unsustainable
  3. Lower VAT in all services

On a different note, one aspect that I felt was not discussed during the conference was the idea that everyone could work less and share the jobs. I've blogged a little bit about that before here and here. In short, the economist John Keynes wrote in the 60's of the possibility of everyone working less to produce the same amount and not consume more in the future which would give us the possibility to both prosper but also have more freetime.

The international speaker during the conference was Angelica Thomas from Germany and IG Metall. She talked about why they support the Geman "Energiwende" or energy transformation. You can listen to her speech here and see the Q&A session with her and Swedish IT- and energy minister Anna-Karin Hatt here.

More interesting links (in Swedish):
We also had yummy vegetarian lunch and awesome entertainment by Anna Christoffersson during the day:

Thanks to SSNC for once again organizing an interesting conference!

Om ni vill läsa om konferensen på svenska kolla in de andra bloggarna och naturskyddsföreningens hemsida:

It’s easy being green
Karins miljöblogg
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Environment and Work tomorrow

I am leaving Finnish soil in a bit to join the conference on environment and work by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) in Stockholm tomorrow. It's gonna be nice to be in Sweden again, even if only for a short while.

In case you can't come but want to follow what's going on during the day you can follow the conference live here and hashtag #miljojobb during the day.

Ska snart åka iväg för att delta i Naturskyddsföreningens konferens i Stockholm imorgon, ska bli kul att vara i Stockholm igen, även om det bara är en snabbvisit.

Ifall du inte själv kan vara med på konferensen men ändå vill följa med vad som händer så kan du kolla den live här imorgon. Hashtagen på twitter är #miljojobb.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Future Thoughts

During September I did some visits to High Schools and talked about Climate Change to the kids (wrote a bit about that before). A part of the beginning of the visit is to ask the kids to write down three thoughts they have about the future (that is before we even start discussing climate change) and it can be anything from a thing to a feeling. In the end of the class we go back to the notes to see if their perceptions have changed (hopefully we leave them with a positive "we can-do" "we can-change the future" mentality). I found some of the post-its in my bag the other day and couldn't resist putting together a little list of all the answers. These are from 3 classes of 14-15 year-old kids, I tried to cluster the answers somewhat, and they are now ordered according to most mentioned to least. I highlighted some subjects that somehow fits this blog. Interestingly enough though, flying cars was a hit!
  • Technical advances (Clean Energy, IT, electrical cars, flying cars, flying mopeds) (24)
  • Work/Working life/Career (17)
  •  Star Wars/Space/UFO & Aliens/Superman/Mutants/Laser guns & swords/Space Holidays/teleporting  (16)
  •  Family (15)
  •  Studies (15)
  •  Own home (13)
  •  Climate Change/Global Warming (11)
  •  End of the world/death/war/World War III /Fear (11)
  • Robots (6)
  • Happiness (5)
  • Friends (5)
  • High taxes (4)
  • Medical advances (e.g. Cure for Aids) (3)
  • End of freshwater (2)
  • Famine (2)
  • Junk Food (2)
  • Driving license (2)
  • Challenges
  • Dreams
  • Competition
  • Travel the world
  • Development
  • No wars
  • Population rise
  • More cities
  • Football
  • Less animals
  • Sustainable Development

What's your thoughts about the future?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Conference on Environment and Work coming up

I'm a bit overworked at the moment, one full-time job, part-time studies, thesis presentation in Vienna coming up and another project ongoing connected to my thesis.I need a break every now and then and that is why this blog is not really getting very much updates at the moment.

Even with all of this I couldn't resist the invitation to blog for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) on their yearly conference again, it's been so much fun the previous years (see here and here)! This year the conference is about environment and work and how to deal with this conflicting issue. I think I have touched this subject on the blog before; is it possible to create jobs for everyone in a sustainable world? A very interesting topic indeed!

If you are interested in going you can sign up here (last day to sign up 27th October), read more about the conference here and find the Facebook group here.

Let's conference!

Picutre from last year's conference

Mycket på gång just nu men kunde inte motstå inbjudan till att blogga på Naturskyddsföreningens årliga konferens, det har varit så kul de tidigare åren! I år kommer konferensen att handla om miljön och jobben och den utmaningen vi står inför när det kommer till att både fixa jobb åt alla men samtidigt ta tillvara på miljön. Läste just idag en intressant artikel om hur Grekland inte klarar sig så bra på den fronten.

Om du också tycker det skulle vara kul att gå på konferensen så kan du anmäla dig här (anmälan är öppen till den 27.10.2013). Läs mer om konferensen här och hitta Facebook gruppen här.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Education is a Human Right

The winner of the Sakharov Prize 2013 is a young girl called Malala Yousafzai. Why? Because she stood up for the rigth for girls to go to school in her hometown in Pakistan. For  this reason she was shot by the Taliban regime which have forbidden girls to attend school. Luckily, she survived the attack, and now she works for her cause with even more determination. She is running the Malala Fund for education and she also written a book called I am Malala about her story. See the clip below where she shares some wise words.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sustainergies Cup 2013

Like last year in October Sustainergies Cup is up and running for students interested in sustainability issues. Read more about the cup here and send your own sustainble solution to the competition!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A bit more about the Orecomm festival

This post have been waiting to be finished for some time now but I just haven't had the time. I have some more posts in mind so I hope to be able to sit down and write them soon.

One of the more interesting presentations during the Orecomm festival accoriding to me was the second keynote presentation on Friday, the first day of the Orecomm festival. It was Tamar Katriel from the University of Haifa in Israel that spoke about, what she calls memory activism focusing on the conflict between Israel and Palestina. She had studied the organization Breaking the Silence and how they use soldier's memories and stories to start a conversation about the war that has is absent otherwise. Her presentation can be seen here (most of the presentations from the festival can be seen on this page or will be avaible later on).

In the evening on Friday we went on a very interesting guided city tour which was about the time of slavery trade in Denmark. If you are interested to do a similar tour if you ever go to Copenhagen you can find more info here. Even if the webpage is only in Danish they gave an excellent tour in English to us.


This is more or less the space one slave had on a boat.
Our guide, the harbour and the sunset.

Dethär inlägget har väntat nu en tid på att bli färdigt skrivet men har inte haft tid och sätta mig ner, har lite andra inlägg i bakhuvudet så hoppas att det inte tar lika länge före jag hinner sätta mig ner och skriva nästa gång.

En av de mera intressant presentationerna under Orecomm festivalen var Tamar Katriel från Haifa Universitet i Israel. Hennes presentation kan man se här (de flesta presentation finns på denhär sidan eller kommer upp senare). 

På kvällen den första dagen hade vi också en intressant guidad tur i Köpenhamn om tiden då Danmark handlade med slavar. Om du någongång kanske vill gå en liknande tur i Köpenhamn så finns det mera info på denhär sidan.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Woodah Hostel (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Just thought I'd give a thumbs up for the Woodah hostel in Copenhagen where I stayed during my visit.They are eco-friendly and also provide free yoga and breakfast for those who stay there. I haven't stayed in a hostel for some years now and I have to say it was really cosy, nice and small. So if you are looking for somewhere cheap to stay in Copenhagen I do recommend it.

Jag bodde på Woodha Hostel när jag var i Köpenhamn och jag rekommenderar det verkligen om man vill bo billigt och eko-vänligt där! Det är en tid sedan jag bodde på hostel men på Woodha erbjuder de gratis yoga och morgonmål och det är ju ett plus att de dessutom är eko-vänliga, småa och ett mysigt ställe.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I got the best birthday presents ever yesterday, I might have dropped some hints though about what I want during the year...

 Sami Talleberg's Wild Herb Cookbook
 A Globe Hope computer/handbag (made out of recycled car seat belts!).
 A push  lawn mover
And a tapas dinner for 2 and some cash

Jag fick bästa presenterna på min födelsedag igår (kokbok om vilda örter, en Globe Hope datorväska gjord av gamla bilbälten, en handgräsklippare och en tapas middag för två och lite pengar), jag måste ha uttryckt mina önskemål tydligt under året...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ørecomm Festival

Came back from Ørecomm festival on Monday evening/night. The festival was good, it was nice to meet classmates and professors and we saw some really good presentations. However, it takes some time to contemplate and consider all of the information and material we got during the long weekend. I think I might serve you some bits and pieces in future blog posts not to write a whole novel at once. Here come anyway a few photos from Malmö and Copenhagen.

Urban gardening in Malmö

 Nyhavn in Copenhagen
 Eco café Chez Madame in Malmö (recommended!)

Kom hem från Ørecomm festivalen på måndag kväll. Festivalen var riktigt bra, det var kul att träffa klasskamrater, proffessorer och vi såg några riktigt bra presentationer. Hursomhelst så tar det lite tid att smälta alla intryck och all information vi har fått under långhelgen så jag tror det får bli flere inlägg längre fram där jag tar upp olika grejer från festivalen. Lite foton från Malmö och Köpenhamn bjuder jag på i alla fall.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Climate Change Adaptation part 2

Some videos I found interesting.

Blog Action Day Coming Up Soon

I spent the weekend in another education for the school visits on climate change. This time we were in Pauligin Huvila in Helsinki in the Sibelius park. I had no idea there was such a nice house almost in the centre of Helsinki! The Sibelius park is now my favorite park in the city!

At the moment I am also doing a part-time online master Communication for Development, which means I will be going to Orecomm festival in Copenhagen and Malmö on the weekend. I hope it will be interesting and worth the trip!

Just also wanted to remind you that Blog Action Day is coming up, this year's theme is Human Rights.

 Spenderade veckoslutet på en annan kurs för skolbesöken som jag skrev om i förra inlägget. Denhär gången var vi i Villa Paulig i Töölö och Sibeliusparken i Helsingfors. Jag visste inte att det fanns en sådan fin villa så nära centrum. Sibeliusparken är nu min favorit park i stan!

Började också en halv-tids online master i Communication for Development, vilket betyder att jag kommer att åka till Orecomm festical i Köpenhamn och Malmö på helgen. Hoppas det är intressant och värt resan!

Ville också påminna er om att Blog Action Day snart är här igen, dethär året är temat Mänskliga Rättigheter.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

School Visits Next

During Friday and Saturday I have been trained to do school visits through Nuorten Akatemia about responsible use of transport and climate change. Teachers can request for a visit in their school through this link (in Finnish), I am happy to do visits in Swedish and English as well, just mention if you want that in your request or contact me directly. The responsible use of transport workshop could be perfect for the upcoming mobility week 16.9-22.9.2013 (Finnish link and European link).

Under fredagen och lördagen har jag varit på kurs i att hålla workshops och undervisning till högstadie-, gymnasie- och ykesskolelever om ansvarsfull använding av transporter och klimatförändringarna. Lärare kan beställa skolbesök här, meddela i ansökan om ni vill ha besöket på svenska eller kontakta mig direkt. Workshopen om ansvarsfull använding av transporter passar perfekt under Europeiska trafikantveckan 16.9-22-9.2013 (svensk, finsk och europeisk länk).

Friday, August 30, 2013

Movie tips

Cool thing! If you have a library card for Helsinki area you will be able to watch Indie flix movies online from 1 September. I hope I find my old card in my drawer, better start looking for it....

(Here's the link to their web page with more info, sorry I couldn't find the same info in English)

I have also been trying out Netflix for the last month and I am quite happy with the documentaries I found there. Among others, the Cove, an Inconvenient Truth, Farmageddon, the End of the Line, Dirt!, Chasing Ice and Forks over Knives. Now I don't know for sure if they have the same movies in all countries but I assume the international movies are the same, in any case it is nice they include these sort of important movies in their range of movies.

Tips, tips, tips; om du har ett bibliotekskort från Helsinfors regionen kan du kolla på Indie filmer på nätet fr.o.m. 1 September. Hoppas jag hittar mitt kort i lådan nu....

Länk till hemsidan och nyheten.

Jag har också provat på Netflix i en månad och var ganska imponerad av dokumentär utbudet. Bl.a. the Cove, an Inconvenient Truth, Farmageddon, the End of the Line, Dirt!, Chasing Ice and Forks over Knives. Kul att de har också viktiga filmer som dessa i sitt utbud!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Loviisa Historical Houses and Local Food event

On Sunday I checked out Loviisa historical houses event with a friend. They were very nice and I have never seen so much people in our little town, so it seems to be a popular event! Many of the houses are quite small as they were built over a 100 years ago but it was cool to see how people have renovated them and how they have solved the tiny space dilemmas.

I also went to the urban gardening event I wrote about before. The speakers were Sami Tallberg, a chef who has written a book about wild herbs (this book is now on my wish list!), Pinja Sipari from Dodo, Ann-Mari Syvänniemi from the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forests owners, Jarmo Ake from the restaurant school Perho and Jukka Ahonala from the ecological farm Svarfvars.

It was a very interesting discussion on everything from Finnish culture and transition towns to ecological vs. conventional farming. I think I will keep it short here and just quote the moderator Mia Aitokari's conclusion:

For a "good life" we need cooperation (between different food organizations, politicians and farmers), less bureacracy (for food producers and farmers), humane rules (some of the current rules are a bit over the top which has put and end to e.g. children cooking in their kinder garden or primary school), knowledge of one's own food culture and learn about the food culture from young age.

A turtle in one of the gardens. 

Some of the old houses.

Old Barn.

Newly renovated entrance (no pics were allowed in the houses unfortunately).

Loads of people in the old town.

My friends favorite house, it was indeed amazing indoors!

På söndag åkte jag och en kompis och kollade på Lovisa historiska hus. Har aldrig sett så mycket människor och turister i lilla Lovisa, det är tydligen populärt, men staden har nog också fina gamla hus! Många av husen är ganska små då de byggdes för mer än 100 år sedan men det var kul att se hur de som bor där har renoverat och hittat på lösningar.

Jag gick också och lyssnade på eventet jag skrev om tidigare om urban odling etc. Där talade Sami Tallberg, som har skrivit en bok om vilda örter (som jag väldigt gärna skulle ha!), Pinja Sipari från Dodo
, Ann-Mari Syvänniemi från Centralförbundet för lant- och skogsbruksproducenter, Jarmo Ake från restaurangskolan Perho och Jukka Ahonala från ekogården Svarfvars.

Det var en intressant diskussion och vi hörde olika åsikter om allt från Finsk kultur, omställningsrörelsen och eko vs. konventionell odling. För att sammanfatta det kort citerar jag debattledaren Mia Aitokaaris slutsats:
För ett "bra liv" behövs sammarbete (mellan organisationer, politiker och jordbrukare), mindre byråkrati (för jordbrukare och andra matproducenter), humana regler (just nu är vissa regler lite väl hårda då man t.ex. ha måsta sluta med att låta barn baka eller kocka i skolan eller på dagis), kunskap om den egna matkulturen och lära sig om den från ung ålder.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Helsinki Culture Night

We went to Helsinki Culture Night last Thursday, it was somehow a disappointment. I have never gone before, even when we lived in Helsinki, but I did expect a more vibrant city during such an event. Nevertheless, we stopped by to see some cool wheelchair dance, we saw the Helsinki observatory and the Night Market. The Night Market was the biggest disappointed, they had marketed it as such a cool event with a lot of different things like music, design, eco and local food. Truth is the coolest thing there was the Dodo organizations' urban gardening pots.

Wheelchair dancing.

I had some ecological frozen yoghurt at Kippo on Iso Roobertinkatu.


Kantele music (Finnish national instrument)

Dodo's Urban garden.

Vi var på Helsingfors kulturnatt på torsdagen, vilket inte riktigt levde upp till våra förväntningar. Jag har aldrig gått förr, även då vi bodde i Helsingfors, men jag hade nog förväntat mig att staden skulle levt upp lite mer än vanligt. Hursomhelst, vi såg rullstolsdans, Helsingfors observatorium och nattmarknaden. Nattmarknaden var nog den största besvikelsen, de hade marknadsfört det som ett event med massor utställare bl.a. lokal och eko mat och musik men det ända som jag tyckte var fint där var Dodo organisationens urbana odlingar.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


By now we all know that climate change is happening and that we are looking at at least a few degrees warmer world. Even if we would stop emitting green house gases right now the carbon that we already have emitted will stay in the atmosphere for at least a millennium and thus continue the warming effect. So what to do? Adaptation is becoming more and more important. Here is a video by UN Habitat an adaptation project in Mozambique. Any other adaptation projects you know of?

Då vi numera vet att vi kommer att leva i en allt varmare värld och att även om vi nu slutar släppa ut mera växthusgaser så kommer de gaserna som redan finns i atmosfären att bidra till en varmare värld i mer en tusen år, då blir det allt viktigare att vi lär oss anpassa oss till klimatförändringarna för att överleva. Videon är om ett projekt i Mozambique där man försöker hjälpa invånarna att anpassa sig till ett liv med mera översvämmingar p.g.a. klimatförändringarna. Vet ni om andra projekt som jobbar för att anpassa oss till klimatförändringarna?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Earth Overshoot Day

So today we are at Earth Overshoot Day again, two days earlier than last year. I took the time to watch one of my favorite clips with Vandana Shiva (below) and since I became a godmother for my niece on Saturday I decided that now was the time to sign up for the organization "Climate Parents" (link to the Swedish organization and the Finnish one).

Så idag har vi användt upp jordens budget på resurser för i år. Två dagar tidigare än ifjol och mera än fyra månader kvar till årsskiftet. Som tröst tog jag och kollade på mitt favorit klipp med Vandana Shiva (youtube klippet) och skrev in mig i den finska motsvarigheten till Föräldravrålet i Sverige eftersom jag blev gudmor till min systers dotter på lördag.

Monday, August 19, 2013

So many things to celebrate!

Today is World Orangutan Day and World Humanitarian Day, I also had a job interview! Soon I will know how it went.

Another tip: if you are in Loviisa on Sunday there is an event about Urban Gardening, Transition towns, foraging and gardening culture. See you there?

Idag är Orangutangernas dag samt Humintärdagen (heter det så, eller hittar jag på egna översättningar?), jag hade också en jobbintervju idag, så väntar nu på att få besked om hur det gått. 

Tänkte tipsa er om att det i  Lovisa på söndag ordnas ett event om urban odling, omställningsrörelsen, ogräsätande och trädgårdkultur. Tänkte själv försöka gå dit en sväng. Ses där?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Greener Electricity

I have been meant to change our electricity contract to something more green for a long time but since we lived in Sweden for two years on rent our landlord fixed the contract and as we were so seldom in our Finnish house we almost used no electricity at all. It all turned out really well though, it seems our last contract just ended and our electricity company sent me by e-mail a new offer which was exactly what I had in mind; a green contract! So now our energy comes from wind, wood and hydro power.

Our house

Jag har länge funderat på att jag borde ändra vårt el-kontrakt till någonting mera miljövänligt men eftersom vi bott i Sverige på hyra två år där vår hyresvärd fixade elen och vi varit så lite i Finland att vi inte använde just någon el alls så har det inte blivit av. Nu fixade det sig lätt som en plätt i alla fall, vårt förra kontrakt var tydligen tidsbundet och vårt elbolag skickade en ny offert utan att jag behövde fråga, dessutom en offert som var precis vad jag hade funderat på: miljövänlig el! Så nu har vi el som kommer från vind-, bio- och vattenenergi.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ocean Tipping point?

I am amazed that the news about a North Pole without ice has not gotten more media attention. Here you can find a great video explaining the science behind warming oceans and the importance of ice for the climate balance.

Helt otroligt att det inte hörts mera i media om Nordpolen och att all is smält denna sommar. Här kan du kolla in en video som på ett pedagogiskt vis förklarar varför just is är så viktigt för våra oceaner så de inte skall nå en "tipping point" i de allt varmare vattnen.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Local Tourism

I don't know exactly how our local tourism day started but my friend said one day that there was some places she wanted to go to around Loviisa and I kind of jumped on the idea. There is some really nice places around that we never explore, perhaps because they are too close to home? We did something about that though last week and spent the day eating in places we haven't before and we went to the local museum and flea-market.

From the flea-market I bought this tray that is excellent to serve breakfast in bed on:

We ate lunch in the newly renovated "chapel" (Loviisa Kapellet).

We saw the wedding-dress exhibition in the Loviisa city museum. This was my favorite dress, from the 60's.

 While being in the museum we also checked out some other cool old stuff

We had afternoon tea & coffee in the "Tuhannen tuskan kahvila". A small café in one of the old houses in Loviisa.
 The inner-yard was absolutely lovely.

 When did you last explore your own hometown?

Vi turistade med kompisar i hemstaden Lovisa. På Loviisa Suurkirppis (loppis, ifall det är någon som inte vet vad kirppis är) köpte jag hem en bricka som passar perfekt för morgonmåls-servering i sängen.  Efter det åt vi lunch på nyrenoverade Kapellet och kollade in gamla bröllopsklänningar i stadsmuseét. Min favoritklänning var en kort klänning från 60-talet som såg förvånansvärt modern ut för att vara så gammal. Eftersom vi ändå redan var i stadsmuseét kollade vi med detsamma runt på andra gamla fina grejor där fanns. Rekommenderar om man har vägarna förbi, inträdet till stadsmuseét och utställningen är dessutom gratis! Vi avslutade dagen på Tuhannen Tuskan Kahvila som också levde upp till sitt rykte som stadens mysigaste café, mitt nya favoritcafé i stan med hembakade kakor som får det att vattnas i munnen på en!

När turistade du senast i din hemstad?

Finally a new lay-out

Yey, finally, I had the time to sit down and change the blog lay-out. I wanted something super simple and "light" for now. What do you think? Hope you like it!

I also thought that from now on I'd do a small wrap-up on Swedish of my posts, let's see how that goes!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Unintentional blog break

Oh My! It's been a month since I last wrote, summer days keep you busy. I never meant to have a break from blogging but I think it has done me well. Now I am more inspired again and I think it is time for some changes on the blog, but today it is time to go to a wedding (love going to weddings!). So I will sit down with my blog another day, but soon I hope!

Here you have a pic of my garden project. Since we moved back to Finland late June I was limited in what I could plant but salad and some herbs did relatively well. Next year I hope to plant some more.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Moaning

The Eco-Crap blog usually goes for a Monday Moaning post but I am a day behind. I know I written about this before but why are the ecological fruit packed in plastic? This time I choice the conventional apples as I wanted to avoid the excess plastic wrapping, I don't know if it was a good choice though...
Another disappointment in the store today was the smoothie powder I bought, half-full jar! I can't understand why on earth anyone would sell half-full jars. What a cheat for the customer and use of extra resources for the packaging.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013


My new Sanuk sandals are made from recycled yoga-mats and the most comfy flip-flops I ever owned! Read more about Sanuk's R.A.S.T.A. project here.