Friday, January 18, 2013

Espai Verd

I want to share this building (link in Spanish) in Valencia with you even if I didn't go to see it myself. "Espai Verd" means "green space" in the local Valencian language and is a cooperative building, built with the mindset of having as much green as possible in and around the building. It is built for the optimal amount of sunlight instead of following the streetline, like the buildings around. I love it! Why oh why, can we not think more out of the box and build more of these beautiful buildings with green spaces and green walls? Even if the climate in the Nordics is different it should be possible to do something more creative than the concrete "boxes" in the cities.

Here's some photos from Espai Verd :

In general there is quite a lot of green balconies and rooftops in Spain, which is great. When I asked though if they planted any food the answer was generally no, so I guess the concept of urban farming hasn't really taken off there. Perhaps it is also a question of what plants can survive the heat in summer.

Here is a video about a green wall in Barcelona that I found here. The guy explains how the plants helps to clean the air in the city and provide a "home" for birds and insects. I want to see more of these!

If you want to have a small scale green wall it is possible to make a green wall indoors as well, the Finnish blogger Noora Schingler just fixed one to her office in December. You can read more in Finnish over at her blog. Another thing I'd like to have! Here is a video of the installation in their office:

There is probably a lot more of these exciting green projects. Please share if you find some!

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