Friday, January 11, 2013

Ethical Travel

To continue on the travel subject; Peppe wrote today (in Swedish) about ethical travel and tipped about the book the Ethical Travel Guide and this site for tips on ethical travelling. Those could be a good start if one is interested to learn more about travelling in a more ethical way.

And on the subject of criticising someone who is trying to live environmentally friendly for flying (link in Swedish), isn't it better to be as environmentally conscious in one's everyday life and fly a little than to not be and still fly? I think all people that do something for the environment should get a pat on the back, even if it's the smallest things. We don't want to have our environmentally friendly people all burned-out from trying too hard, and my logic is better to do something than nothing.

While we were in Spain I started thinking about why we mostly always see beautiful holiday pictures but nothing bad from the places we go. Perhaps my eye was also a bit more sensitive this time around as I've been thinking more about pollution and such but the perspective from a camera lens is probably one way to alert people on environmental issues.

For example, this beach

 Is the same beach where I encountered this:
 and this:
 and this:

 The recyclable trashes were not even that far away:


On a good note though these sand dunes had been recreated with EU money and a building project for the whole area had been stopped. Imagine there would be only buildings the whole way from where you can see the buildings in the back of the photo all the way up the beach. Instead, it is now luckily a great area to go for a walk, bike or hike and the wildlife probably enjoys it too.


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