Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Apps I miss

I have now lived without my iPhone for a month and a half, I must have lost it somewhere or it's possibly stolen. I thought that maybe it would turn up but so far it hasn't. Anyway, I manage well with my old Nokia too but the time without my iPhone has also opened my eyes to which apps I do miss, except for the convenience of always having a camera around of course.

First of all I miss my Spotify app. I like listening to music when I'm out jogging or walking (mostly walking now when it is so cold). It's easy to make your own playlists and you can find almost all music on there.

My Ashtanga Yoga app. It was a nice app to have when I did yoga and forgot what asana (position) came next. I saw now that the same app-developer had a lot more yoga apps so if I ever get to use it again I might try some other ones as well.

My learn Spanish app. This is the most fun learn Spanish app I have encountered, and I was having so much fun learning an Argentinian accent!

My Twitter app, this one I miss when there are events and stuff going on on twitter and I don't have my computer around.

But most of all I also realized that I have so many apps that are just a waste of time or apps I really don't use or need in my daily life. So the first thing I will do if I ever get myself a new (or second-hand) Apple device is to delete all the apps I don't feel I need so I can stop spending unnecessary time with my nose staring down at the phone. Now when I don't have a smart phone I can feel all awkward when you socialize and your company is using most of the time socializing with his/hers phone.

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