Monday, January 14, 2013

You don't realize what you have until it's gone

Right now I am appreciating the wonderful invention of running water. Our water pump is broken since yesterday morning and I am dreaming of the luxury of a warm shower (or a shower at all for that matter)! We got some bottles of water yesterday for drinking and we have melted some snow for flushing the toilet with but I hope it won't be many more days like this! I feel so...smelly!

And once again I am greatly thankful for the fact that we can drink our tap-water, bringing home 8 liters of drinking water from the store is heavy work and it is a lot of extra plastic bottles that needs to be taken to recycling.

Pic taken in Spain


  1. Oj då. Hoppas vattnet kommer tillbaka snart!

    1. Jag hoppas det med! Vi fick i alla fall duscha hos grannen idag så man känner sig lite fräshare :)