Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monthly Donation Februari-May

First of all, sorry for not posting so much lately, just crazy busy with thesis work and project work etc.

I am participating in a course this spring where we are supposed to do a project in groups related to sustainable development. My group is doing a project related to food waste issues. I'm really excited about that, we have a great group and some good ideas flowing so I will let you know more about how it turns out in the end. If you happen to come across anything interesting on food waste and sustainability, please send it over!

Related to that I decided that as I will spend some time on this project and my monthly donation could be both time or money, it will count for the spring term. Additionally, I decided to finally get a membership in Animal Rights Sweden, I've been thinking about donating to them for some time but as a yearly membership was not so much I thought I'd get one of those. One of the questions they are working with is reducing painful animal testing, which according to new EU law is allowed with death as a consequence.

 Ivan  and Faro supported me in this decision.