Thursday, February 21, 2013

Six Ingredient Challenge

This week's CTWW ( Change the World Wednesday) challenge is to buy only food that contains six ingredients. I got curious and decided to check what we have at home right now that contains more than sic ingredients. I was quite happy with the result, most of the things that contained more than six ingredients were in the fridge, mostly some sauces.

Here is a pick of them:

Additional to this we had some bread that contained more than six ingredients and a can of pea soup. Great, now I know what to not buy during the week, not sure if I will be able to keep all of the sauces out of the home forever though, even if I know it's quite easy to make your own salsa sauce for example....but I will sure think about it. We had some other mustard with less ingredients so that is easy to replace and the soy sauce contained a lot of ecological ingredients so I kind of think that's ok. From all of these I think the Worcestershire sauce was the one containing most weird ingredients, on the other hand we have hardly ever used it, wonder why we bought it in the first place....


  1. I going to search today in my house. Let see how many i can get.