Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday: Trash Day

Today's No impact week theme was trash. I think I did relatively well, however, it was once again brought to my attention how difficult it is to buy food both in restaurants and in stores without creating waste, mostly in terms of food wrapping. How unnecessary is it not when you get your toast on a plate in the cafe and the side salad in a plastic cup? Why not just serve the salad on the plate as well?

Related to waste, I am also taking a course on conscious consumption right now and today's theme was electronics, which also touched the subject of electronic waste. Therefore, I thought I would share with you one of the videos they showed us on e-waste in China. Here is another one on e-waste in Ghana if you want to see more.

A last waste related issue; I am also taking a project course in CEMUS at the moment where we are supposed to do a project on related to sustainable development. My group's goal is to do a scrap lunch event, a lunch from food that restaurants, stores etc. would otherwise have thrown away. We were inspired by this article (link in Swedish) on a similar project in Lund. The goal is to bring attention and knowledge about the food waste problem. I am not sure we will reach our goal yet but we just created a blog where we will share some stuff, so if you want to know how it goes for us you can read the project blog here. I'm afraid there is nothing to read just yet but be patient!

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