Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday: Give Back

Since we are now in Finland, today I joined the No Impact Week gang for the volunteering in an elderly home in Helsinki.

Very nice experience! I am somehow sure that we would only benefit from having more interaction between generations, it's a shame that nowadays we institutionalize old, as well as young. I think we would benefit from discussing over the "age-boarders". We had in any case a very nice walk and sing-a-long time today!


  1. I think you are right ... we could benefit from talking to people of different generations, especially the older generation who have lived a life and have experiences to share. I also think that listening to another person, no matter if they repeat themselves or stumble over words, is one of the best gifts we can give. Everyone wants to be heard. This was a most excellent "walk with a purpose". :-)

    1. Yes, that is true, there is a lot of wisedom that we lose from "locking them up" in elderly homes. Thank you! It was a great experience :)