Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday: Food

Oh! One of my favorite subjects today during the No Impact Week. So what did I eat today?

Breakfast: Homemade smoothie with avocado, frozen raspberries and cranberry juice (this one is good)
Lunch: Salad in the cafeteria
Dinner: Risotto I had brought from home ( I had a looong day today in school)

During the evening seminar we also got a sandwich which was unexpected. I was happy it was vegetarian but they got a few minus points because it was wrapped in plastic (however, that was handy for me as I could then save it for my bus ride home).

So what did YOU eat today?

P.S. The scrap lunch project now also have a facebook page, feel free to like it and join the food waste/sustainable food conversation over there! We also have our first blog post up and running!



  1. Jag har aldrig prövat lägga avocado i smoothien, måste pröva! :)Ser mumsigt ut!