Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Believing Cassandra

I was happy to finally get the chance to read Alan Atkisson's book Believing Cassandra as it was one of the course books we could choose to read in the same course we as are doing the Scrap Lunch event in.

Other books we could choose from was 

I chose however Alan's book as I've seen him lecturing and this book has been on my reading list for a while. I guess the next book I will take on will be Ken Robinson's Out of Our Minds as I bought it as well because I am a great fan of his Ted talks. The people who had read The Sacred Balance really recommended that book though so I might have to try and get hold of it as well in the near future .

Back to Believing Cassandra.

Why was it a good book?
Because it's a really good introduction to the sustainability challenges we have around us and what we can (and should) do about them. As Alan shares personal stories throughout the book it never gets boring or too heavy. 

To who would I recommend this book?
To any newbies on sustainability! I think Alan is easy to take in for people in any field or with any interest as he knows how to appeal to a wide audience. However, if you have already read a great deal on sustainability the book might not give you a lot of new things. On the other hand, as it is such an easy read this might be the book you want to turn to the days you don't feel like saving the world for a motivational push to keep going.

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