Monday, May 20, 2013

Time flies when you are having fun

I realized that my last blogpost was more than a week ago. So what has happened?

  • Summer. It's more fun being outside in the sun when there is some free time than indoors by the computer.
  • Thesis. Most computer time has been spent working on the thesis. Last night I submitted the thesis seminar version which means I'm closer to graduating!
  • Move and Job. Closer to graduating means that we're planning our move back to Finland and that I have also spent some time looking for jobs.
  • Scrap Lunch. Still working on the Scrap Lunch project as well, 28th May we will have a project fair in BlĂ„senhus, Uppsala between 9-15. Do join us if you can!
Exciting times ahead, I've been so caught up in just doing what I have to that I haven't really had time to contemplate much about the future. Obviously, we're both happy and sad about leaving Uppsala and it's both exciting and a bit unsettling not to know exactly what will be the next step. 

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