Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Than Honey

I saw the movie More Than Honey yesterday at Fyrisbiografen in Uppsala with the Scrap Lunchers.
 (The Scrap Lunch project is BTW looking for people who wants to continue working on the project for summer and autumn in Uppsala, so if you are interested contact them through the Facebook page.)

The movie, More Than Honey, is worth watching just because of the way it is filmed, I have no idea how they have managed to get such beautiful close ups of the bees. I guess some of it is edited, but beautiful nontheless. On the other hand it is mostly a sad movie, then again it's reality, the bees are not doing very well in the world. Bee colonies are collapsing, so called, CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder, and it seems no one really knows why, there's been talk about paracites or pesticides being the culprit. Can we live in a world without bees? Are humans or bees better at pollinating? These are some questions contemplated over in the movie. Watch it to get a glimpse into beekeeping in the 21st century, I do recommend it!

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