Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Run for a Cause

I run Blodomloppet yesterday in Stockholm for the organization Schyst Resande or Fair Travel. It was fun and it turned out that another girl from the group has also done (or is still doing) orienteering so it felt almost like the old days when I was running orienteering races. We only did 5 km this time but since I managed well perhaps my next goal will be 10 km. It's probably ten years ago I did 10 km so that could be a challenge!

Have you done a run for a good cause or a run with a theme? It seems it is more and more common to have themes for the races. During warm up I got a leaflet stuck in my hand about the stop smoking race in Stockholm September. I guess these sort of runs are a good motivation if you are trying to get in shape or live a bit healthier but a part of me also likes running alone without all the hassle of so many people in one place. I am also thinking there might be quite an environmental impact after such an event if it is not done well. At least Blodomloppet in Stockholm was environmentally certified

P.S. Happy World Environment Day!

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