Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Future Thoughts

During September I did some visits to High Schools and talked about Climate Change to the kids (wrote a bit about that before). A part of the beginning of the visit is to ask the kids to write down three thoughts they have about the future (that is before we even start discussing climate change) and it can be anything from a thing to a feeling. In the end of the class we go back to the notes to see if their perceptions have changed (hopefully we leave them with a positive "we can-do" "we can-change the future" mentality). I found some of the post-its in my bag the other day and couldn't resist putting together a little list of all the answers. These are from 3 classes of 14-15 year-old kids, I tried to cluster the answers somewhat, and they are now ordered according to most mentioned to least. I highlighted some subjects that somehow fits this blog. Interestingly enough though, flying cars was a hit!
  • Technical advances (Clean Energy, IT, electrical cars, flying cars, flying mopeds) (24)
  • Work/Working life/Career (17)
  •  Star Wars/Space/UFO & Aliens/Superman/Mutants/Laser guns & swords/Space Holidays/teleporting  (16)
  •  Family (15)
  •  Studies (15)
  •  Own home (13)
  •  Climate Change/Global Warming (11)
  •  End of the world/death/war/World War III /Fear (11)
  • Robots (6)
  • Happiness (5)
  • Friends (5)
  • High taxes (4)
  • Medical advances (e.g. Cure for Aids) (3)
  • End of freshwater (2)
  • Famine (2)
  • Junk Food (2)
  • Driving license (2)
  • Challenges
  • Dreams
  • Competition
  • Travel the world
  • Development
  • No wars
  • Population rise
  • More cities
  • Football
  • Less animals
  • Sustainable Development

What's your thoughts about the future?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Conference on Environment and Work coming up

I'm a bit overworked at the moment, one full-time job, part-time studies, thesis presentation in Vienna coming up and another project ongoing connected to my thesis.I need a break every now and then and that is why this blog is not really getting very much updates at the moment.

Even with all of this I couldn't resist the invitation to blog for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) on their yearly conference again, it's been so much fun the previous years (see here and here)! This year the conference is about environment and work and how to deal with this conflicting issue. I think I have touched this subject on the blog before; is it possible to create jobs for everyone in a sustainable world? A very interesting topic indeed!

If you are interested in going you can sign up here (last day to sign up 27th October), read more about the conference here and find the Facebook group here.

Let's conference!

Picutre from last year's conference

Mycket på gång just nu men kunde inte motstå inbjudan till att blogga på Naturskyddsföreningens årliga konferens, det har varit så kul de tidigare åren! I år kommer konferensen att handla om miljön och jobben och den utmaningen vi står inför när det kommer till att både fixa jobb åt alla men samtidigt ta tillvara på miljön. Läste just idag en intressant artikel om hur Grekland inte klarar sig så bra på den fronten.

Om du också tycker det skulle vara kul att gå på konferensen så kan du anmäla dig här (anmälan är öppen till den 27.10.2013). Läs mer om konferensen här och hitta Facebook gruppen här.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Education is a Human Right

The winner of the Sakharov Prize 2013 is a young girl called Malala Yousafzai. Why? Because she stood up for the rigth for girls to go to school in her hometown in Pakistan. For  this reason she was shot by the Taliban regime which have forbidden girls to attend school. Luckily, she survived the attack, and now she works for her cause with even more determination. She is running the Malala Fund for education and she also written a book called I am Malala about her story. See the clip below where she shares some wise words.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sustainergies Cup 2013

Like last year in October Sustainergies Cup is up and running for students interested in sustainability issues. Read more about the cup here and send your own sustainble solution to the competition!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A bit more about the Orecomm festival

This post have been waiting to be finished for some time now but I just haven't had the time. I have some more posts in mind so I hope to be able to sit down and write them soon.

One of the more interesting presentations during the Orecomm festival accoriding to me was the second keynote presentation on Friday, the first day of the Orecomm festival. It was Tamar Katriel from the University of Haifa in Israel that spoke about, what she calls memory activism focusing on the conflict between Israel and Palestina. She had studied the organization Breaking the Silence and how they use soldier's memories and stories to start a conversation about the war that has is absent otherwise. Her presentation can be seen here (most of the presentations from the festival can be seen on this page or will be avaible later on).

In the evening on Friday we went on a very interesting guided city tour which was about the time of slavery trade in Denmark. If you are interested to do a similar tour if you ever go to Copenhagen you can find more info here. Even if the webpage is only in Danish they gave an excellent tour in English to us.


This is more or less the space one slave had on a boat.
Our guide, the harbour and the sunset.

Dethär inlägget har väntat nu en tid på att bli färdigt skrivet men har inte haft tid och sätta mig ner, har lite andra inlägg i bakhuvudet så hoppas att det inte tar lika länge före jag hinner sätta mig ner och skriva nästa gång.

En av de mera intressant presentationerna under Orecomm festivalen var Tamar Katriel från Haifa Universitet i Israel. Hennes presentation kan man se här (de flesta presentation finns på denhär sidan eller kommer upp senare). 

På kvällen den första dagen hade vi också en intressant guidad tur i Köpenhamn om tiden då Danmark handlade med slavar. Om du någongång kanske vill gå en liknande tur i Köpenhamn så finns det mera info på denhär sidan.