Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Future Thoughts

During September I did some visits to High Schools and talked about Climate Change to the kids (wrote a bit about that before). A part of the beginning of the visit is to ask the kids to write down three thoughts they have about the future (that is before we even start discussing climate change) and it can be anything from a thing to a feeling. In the end of the class we go back to the notes to see if their perceptions have changed (hopefully we leave them with a positive "we can-do" "we can-change the future" mentality). I found some of the post-its in my bag the other day and couldn't resist putting together a little list of all the answers. These are from 3 classes of 14-15 year-old kids, I tried to cluster the answers somewhat, and they are now ordered according to most mentioned to least. I highlighted some subjects that somehow fits this blog. Interestingly enough though, flying cars was a hit!
  • Technical advances (Clean Energy, IT, electrical cars, flying cars, flying mopeds) (24)
  • Work/Working life/Career (17)
  •  Star Wars/Space/UFO & Aliens/Superman/Mutants/Laser guns & swords/Space Holidays/teleporting  (16)
  •  Family (15)
  •  Studies (15)
  •  Own home (13)
  •  Climate Change/Global Warming (11)
  •  End of the world/death/war/World War III /Fear (11)
  • Robots (6)
  • Happiness (5)
  • Friends (5)
  • High taxes (4)
  • Medical advances (e.g. Cure for Aids) (3)
  • End of freshwater (2)
  • Famine (2)
  • Junk Food (2)
  • Driving license (2)
  • Challenges
  • Dreams
  • Competition
  • Travel the world
  • Development
  • No wars
  • Population rise
  • More cities
  • Football
  • Less animals
  • Sustainable Development

What's your thoughts about the future?

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