Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking Back at the Eco goals 2013

I wrote about my Eco Goals for 2013 in January. I thought I'd go back and check how it has gone.

  • My first goal was to finish my master thesis by spring.

    It's done and I have graduated. Yey!  My thesis was about responsible sourcing of cotton, if you feel like reading it, drop me an e-mail.-
  • My second goal was to try and get a job related to my studies once I'm graduated.
    That has gone so-so. In July I did some volunteer work at Villa Mandala, which was nice but at some point we needed to also fill-up the gap in our finances so in August-September I did gigs in High Schools about Climate Change through Nuorten Akatemia. That was fun, but when I was offered a full-time job I felt I had to take it. So now I work with administrative tasks in an organization related to migration. I think I can say that my goal is full-filled, however, I am still eager to try out other things as well and now I am working with something more related to human rights, not environment as such (even though climate change events like storms, floods, droughts and rising sea level might affect migration).

  • and the third goal was to start our own garden project when and if we move back to Finland
    Yes, since we came back we have worked on the garden a bit but a garden is a never ending project. Here I wrote about some things we planted in summer.
I'm gonna have to have a real good thought about what my goals for next year should be and where I want to head, proffessionally and personally. Drop me ideas or tell me about your goals!

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