Sunday, January 26, 2014

GMO-Free Finland

This week's Change the World Wednesday challenge if you don't live in the US; 

find out what your country's policies are concerning GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) food and labeling. Are they accepted? If so, must they be labeled? If they aren't accepted in your country, are there any other food health concerns which you are facing?

I tried to find out some information about Finland's take on GMO and found a website called GMO-free Finland (unfortunately only in Finnish).

It seems that in Finland we don't have any law yet on GMO but instead we are waiting on EU directives on the issue. However, on the webpage you can find lots of issues about how to help out to work for a GMO-free Finland as well as a list of companies that are GMO-free.

On May 24th there will be March against Monsanto events all over the world, check if your location is on the list. It's important to remember though that Monsanto is not the only company selling GMO seeds. According to an article on the GMO-free Finland webpage Bayer is now owning more GMO-patents than Monsanto.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yoga like a Cat

Working on my New Year's resolution on actually doing stuff instead of just reading and writing about it. Yesterday I took part in the Yoga like a Cat event in Loviisa, basically you could pay as much as you wanted for the yoga and all the money went to the house for abandoned cats in the area.

Very nice, I got acquainted with the Yasse the Cat during the Yin Yoga session.

On the social side, we have met our good friend's who right now have the cutest puppies and I have been bowling with some friends as well as having a movie night with some others. Very nice to catch up with everyone!

Also working on planning our garden for next summer, our living room might become a but overfilled during spring with small plantings, let's see how that develops.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you that our after bowling cider was enjoyed at Teerenpeli bar in Helsinki which I do recommend. They have their locally made beer and cider as well as ecological ones. Who can resist blueberry or lingonberry cider anyway?

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Power of Just Doing Stuff 2

Some more things that I realized I want to do this year:

- Be more social. Since we came back from Sweden this has already improved but there is still a bunch of friends I haven't met up with.

Yesterday we saw this lovely pup at our friends' place.

- Practice my Spanish. I realized it's defenitely not improving as I am not using it much, now is the time to work on that too.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Power of Just Doing Stuff

I have not yet myself read the new book by Rob Hopkins but I was kind of inspired by the title when I was thinking of what would be my goals for 2014. Autumn of 2013 have been somehow quite busy trying to juggle full-time work and studies at the same time, so I decided that if I continue working full-time the studies have to be put aside for a while. Anyhow I already have one master degree now and even if the second master was interesting I don't feel it is something I need right now for doing awesome stuff and I want to do something else with my free-time than writing assignments and home-exams.

So what do I want to do with my free-time?

- I want to definitely garden and plant stuff. This is a whole science as well and I feel there is so much to learn and best way to learn to garden is by doing! It also feels much more relevant to me right now than studying another master.

- I want to read (but no school books)

-Yoga! and other exercise, I need to take care of myself too. This week I have tried to yoga at home through Yogobe and YogaGlo and I've actually practised every day! Talking about that, if you want to know what yoga practise is all about see this video.

- I want to start cooking again, I have to confess that I haven't done much work in the kitchen during autumn. Luckily I have a nice husband who cooks for me and in Helsinki there is a nice range of restaurants.

- Last but not least, I am open to doing anything else related to the subjects on my blog (but also unrelated if it feels relevant to me). In January I will take part in re-creating a shadow theater play we did 11 years ago with some friends, it's actually quite fun! New premiere on the 25th January.

-Anything else you think I should try? Let me know or share your own goals for 2014.

Here is the trailer for Rob Hopkins book, get inspired!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pranama Yoga

Today I went to a Yin Yoga class at Pranama Yoga in Helsinki. This place opened up in September last year with the vision of  making yoga more available for everybody and to support yoga teachers in their yoga journey. Therefore when you go yoga to Pranama you pay as much as you like or think a class is worth (remember to bring cash for this purpose). Pranama is just in the centre of Helsinki (in shopping centre Kluuvi) so it's quite perfect for me as I also work close to there. The Yin yoga class was at least really good so I hope I will have the opportunity to go again.

Just outside Pranama there is this fantastic green wall in the shopping centre, more of these, please! I always get so happy when I see green in the city. #Helsinki, we want even more green!