Sunday, January 26, 2014

GMO-Free Finland

This week's Change the World Wednesday challenge if you don't live in the US; 

find out what your country's policies are concerning GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) food and labeling. Are they accepted? If so, must they be labeled? If they aren't accepted in your country, are there any other food health concerns which you are facing?

I tried to find out some information about Finland's take on GMO and found a website called GMO-free Finland (unfortunately only in Finnish).

It seems that in Finland we don't have any law yet on GMO but instead we are waiting on EU directives on the issue. However, on the webpage you can find lots of issues about how to help out to work for a GMO-free Finland as well as a list of companies that are GMO-free.

On May 24th there will be March against Monsanto events all over the world, check if your location is on the list. It's important to remember though that Monsanto is not the only company selling GMO seeds. According to an article on the GMO-free Finland webpage Bayer is now owning more GMO-patents than Monsanto.

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