Monday, February 17, 2014


Sorry about the blog break, I got a new job on the country-side so it has meant some moving and organizing and I have been doing a lot of things in our house that have been in the back of my mind for some time. We have for example planted chili, tomato and paprika seeds for summer, more about that later (if the grow!).

What I wanted to write about today is that I sold my wedding dress at Lovebirds store in Helsinki. A few years back me and my friend were saying that there should be a store that sells second hand wedding dresses because we would both have been willing to buy a second hand dress but it was a hassle to find one online as you wanted to try them before buying and you had to organize to meet the people and so on. Well, Lovebirds must have thought the same as soon after we spoke about this the store appeared in Helsinki.

So, if you have a wedding dress (or evening gown) that you want to try to sell or are looking for a dress (and are based in or around Helsinki) I recommend you take a closer look at their store. I wish it had existed when I was looking for my dress.

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