Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Just skimmed through Michael Pollan's book Food Rules. I agreed with all of the rules in the book so reading the book was fast. I had actually expected something that was more heavy to read but instead this book is easy to read  and to take in. Therefore, I recommend it to anyone, however, I am content with borrowing this book from the library, no need to keep it in the book shelf. Let the rules be shared!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Association of useful plants

My planting is proceeding, my biggest pride so far is the this tomato plant, but I have some chilies, paprika and onions that are seeing the light of day and I'm planning to plant some other things soon.

I've been a little bit frustrated that all the stores have the same seeds but a friend of mine recommended yesterday the association of useful plants in Finland, I've spent the whole morning browsing their webstore and admiring all the ecological and biodynamic seeds you can get there. See this is a tip if you live in Finland.