Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black Fish documentray

Black Fish is one of those documentaries that are fascinating, scary and sad at the same time. This movie will leave you thinking about the subject for days after you saw it.

I've never seen a killer whale in captivity but the lonely beluga in the Valencia aquarium broke my heart just the same. It looked so lonely and kept swimming around and around and around.

This documentary is interesting also in the light of this summer's talk about closing the only Finnish
dolphinarium. Among others, Ric O’Barry, who holds the lead role in the documentary The Cove has spoken for closing it. The Cove is indeed one if the other documentaries I'd like to see but I don't know if I have the courage to watch it. The trailer is already freaking me out.

Here are a couple of articles in Finnish on the debate of closing the only dolphinario in this country:

Särkänniemen toimitusjohtaja: Delfiinejä ei voi noin vain vapauttaa
O'Barry: Särkänniemen delfinaario suljettava

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