Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Greenhouse Project

During summer I have to admit I have prioritized other things than the blog so sorry for the blog being so quiet. The intention to write is there but in the end the day only have 24 hours, but perhaps now when we are moving towards autumn I will take some more time to sit indoors by the computer.

Anyway, for long already I wanted to share with you our greenhouse project. Already in my last post you saw a little sneak peak of our start, here comes some more pics of the progress. We built it, or mostly my dad built it (thanks!), from old windows that we gathered from friends, family and our own storage. This turned out not too be too difficult, seems everyone have old windows hanging around and dying to get rid of them. The roof is though a plastic material not to make it too heavy on the rest of the structure, keeping in mind that we will most likely have snow in winter. The greenhouse in the end is relatively big, I guess, but I am happy with the size, it's great space for us to hang out in on chilly or rainy days, also it gives us space and freedom to continuously have many different planting projects going on (also more exotic plants for out longitude).

 Starting up.

Still quite empty, but starting to be ready.
First plants moving in.

 This summer's first harvest was radish.

 It's growing!

 A bit overgrown?
 Tomato, Tomaaato, finally red!
 Done, paint and all. The blue big buckets are for collecting rainwater for watering.

Currently we're still enjoying all of the harvest after all the hard work, and soon already comes the time to plan next years planting and gardening projects.

Do you have a greenhouse? Please feel free to share tips on building/planting/watering etc. I'm a still a newbie ready to hear about any tips or simply get inspired!

Next weekend I am finally joining an introductory course for permaculture, can't wait to learn more about that, it's been on my list for a while now. Will return with a post on that after next weekend.

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