Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1 month into no new clothes for a year

My best tip so far is don't go into any clothes shop. What you don't know exist, you don't desire.

When we were in Spain on holiday there was a couple of shirts I saw I would have liked to buy but instead of my usual habit of trying to convince myself why I needed them I had to convince myself why I didn't need them. Good brain exercise for changing your shopping habits though!

This month I bought long underwear. You need them in Finland for winter and underwear is allowed to buy during the challenge (can you see how I am good at deceiving myself). Furthermore long warm stockings make dresses wearable in autumn as well (perhaps winter too if not too cold). I am also thinking of combining them with oversize sweaters and long tops, let see how that will work out...

This is how I think I will look, reality might be a bit different...


  1. Habits are always hard to break, but when you do it can be eye-opening! Good luck for the rest of the year as well!
    I find your blog inspiring and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you would like to accept the award you find the instructions in my blog: